• This year, a new election of mayor took place in London.
    In fact the ex mayor of London, Boris Johnson gave his place
    at the new mayor, Sadiq Khan

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    Boris Johnson is the ex mayor of London.

    Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born on June 19, 1964 in New York.
    He was raised in a bourgeois family and he has a typical school program
    of the British upper middle class.

    He is an English Politician, a Member of Parliament, historian and a journalist.
    He was a mayor of London from May 4th 2008 to May 8th 2016 and
    he belong at the Conservative Party.

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    Sadiq Aman Khan was born on October 8th, 1970 in London to a working-class British Pakistani family. He's the son of bus driver, Amanullah Khan.
    Sadiq Khan studied at the university of North London. He started his career
    as a human rights solicitor. He wanted to be a dentist but he was inspired to
    become a lawyer by the TV show LA law.

    Sadiq Khan was elected mayor of London in the 2016 mayoral election,
    succeeding Conservative Party mayor Boris Johnson. He was the
    Member of Parliament. A member of the Labour Party,
    he is situated on the party's 
    soft left and has been ideologically
    characterised as a social democrat.

    His election as the mayor of London made him the first Muslim mayor
    actively affiliated to become the mayor of a capital of a major western country.

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  • In a few months, there will be the presidential election in US. Today we have three candidates to take over Barack Obama, Donald Trump who represents the Republicans and two Democrats, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump arrive to dismiss 15 candidates since the beginning of the election, the last who gave up is Ted Cruz about one week ago. But in the end on July, there will have the national convention, where democrats will elected their representative for the party. Even if there is only Donald Trump in the Republican he has to obtain a number of vote to can participate to the final election.

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    Chloé et Léa


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  • Dust - Sonja Delzongle

    This is a book. A thriller. It deals with albinos's massacres as well as blooded crown on the soil. The scene take place in Kenya from the 9 June 2012 to the 30 June 2012. Hannah Baxter a french profiler who hunted down murderer  was calles by the police of Nairobi, a kenyan region.

    If all of theeses crimes were made by psychopath ? Ritual murders ?

    Since her arrival in Kenya, many thing will change and you will discover a human and deep madness through this book.

    Welcome in shoal of hummanity ...


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  • the April 21th , the singer Prince Rogers Nelson known as Prince was discover die in his home at Paisley Park in Minnesota  early at 8pm and his death was declared at 10pm . In fact , the singer of Purple Rain was an amazing singer  known the whole world for his fancy outfit and his excentric hairstyle.

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    An autopsy was conducted Friday at the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office in Ramsey, Minnesota. It could be days or weeks before results are complete
    There were no obvious signs of trauma on Prince's body when he was found, Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson said in a news conference Friday. There is no reason to believe his death was a suicide.

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  • Donald Trump, A good president for the Usa?

    His party:

    In June 2015, Donald Trump announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election. This one is an unexpected success : Since next month, he is at the head of the public opinion polls for the primary campaign republicans.

    His past:

    Donald John Trump was born in June 14th, 1946 in New York. It's a businessman, a television personality and a politician. He also participated in a reality shows : "The Apprentice". He inherited a big fortune from his father who allowed him to become an important businessman. After that, Donald Trump has built his empire with prestigious buildings which bear generally his name.

    Main Ideas:

    He wants to build a wall between United States and Mexico and make the  Mexican government pay the bill. According to him, Mexico brings in only problems like rapes and drugs. Then, he wants to enter a commercial war with China. He would slash funding for the Department of Education and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) if he is elected president. For him, the EPA is the "laughingstock of the world.” Donald Trump is against the equality between men and women and he is also against abortion. 

    In most of his unhealthy ideas, the multimillionaire finally wants to abolish the said law Obamacare, which guarantees a medical cover to all Americans.



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