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    As part of the english class sequence on the human reality of slavery, the english teachers decided to organise a school outing at the ciné 7 to watch a very moving film: ''Twelve years a slave'' by Steve Mc Queen. This film takes us into a total slavery immersion, through the character of Solomon Northup, a free black man who was living happily with his family when he was kidnapped and sold as a georgian slave. We followed him during the worst years of his life, during which he will be compared to a beast, exposed to harsh punishment and humiliations, injustices, betrayals and denouncements. We can almost say that we are living this events with him, because the movie director decided to take no prisonners with this film and to deliver the real truth about slavery, so this film gives the impression to feel what the character feels. Furthermore, and I may say "unfortunately", this film is very hard to watch because they are some very violent beating scenes which can shake people who are sensitive.But something very important that people must know about this film is that it is based on a true story and I promise you that it's a very good adaptation of Solomon Nothup book's. So now, let's talk about the characters and the actors who played them : 


    First ,let's talk about the incredible performance of Michael Fassbender as a slave owner , he was truly vicious and really convincing in this role and also his wife in the movie played by Sarah Paulson: she played the role of a horrible character who was mistreating her slaves. Both her and her husband  formed a really powerful couple of slave owners. Then comes the heroes of this movie : Chiwetel Eijiofor who played the role of Solomon Northup; he was really convincing and touching  as a free man who was kidnapped and turned into a slave. He played the most violent beating scenes and showed the reality of slaves. I think that he completely succeeded in paying tribute to Solomon Northup.  He incarnates this character perfectly.

    And Finally let's talk about Lupita Nyong'o , this young actress who just came out of the Yale Theater University and who never played in a movie before : she embodies perfectly the character of Patsey , a young slave lady who was abused by the slave owner and beaten by the wife of the slave owner because of jealousy , she was touching , moving,heartbreaking and really talented, which is why  her name shouldn't be forgotten.

    I'm pretty sure that's just the beginning of her long future career. To conclude, I recommend this film to everybody even if there are some violents scenes, because it is a real revelation, a touching film that makes us understand what the life of a slave  was by the perfect example of a man who fought all his unslaving period to keep believing in freedom.

    Raphaël Inghels & Fatou :D 

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    Mardi 20 Mai 2014 à 22:16

    Thank you for your article!! Great job cool

    Your teacher

    Mardi 27 Mai 2014 à 16:35

    Oh my god I love your article it really represent the film and I love so much the actrice lupita Nuong'o.

    Sarah Makhloufi Gana 

    Mardi 27 Mai 2014 à 16:36

    i think that the better film about the slavery and i like this film because that's really good production of steve Mc Queen. Your article is very good.   cool


    Dimanche 1er Juin 2014 à 15:40

    What a great movie ! So happy we saw it togther ! 


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