• Alcohol and Prohibition in America

    During the twenties, in America people used to drink every day.: from early in the morning until late in the evening, and they spent all their time in saloons. They started to drink early in their life and they stopped when they died.

    Americans were used to drinking for a lot of opportunities : they drank when they made a new aquaintance, they drank to rejoice or celebrate an  election, they also drank if they met someone.. 

    Very fast  alcohol became a rite in the life of Americans : men could stop their activities in factories and offices, farmfields, As a matter of fact a  bell used to ring to warn the workers of the break:  it was known as  the "grog time".

    Rhum, Whisky and Beer were the three types of alcohol that could be found. Alcohol became a symbol of masculinity: to show you were a man ,you drank.

    But, alcohol became dangerous for women and children because men became violent. Men couldn't provide for their family and they couldn't do their job. 

    So the government proclaimed the prohibition with the 18th  amendment in order to protect the nation from drunkards who could become harmful to the nation.

    Alcohol and Prohibition in America

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