• Alcohol Prohibition in USA during 20s

    Alcohol was steeped in history of America for many decades, namely people loved drink early in life and they stopped when they got to the grave.

    Before the Prohibition in America, the population -and in most cases men- were used to drinking all the time. They drank to celebrate an election, when they closed a bargain or when they made acquaintance with someone. Alcohol became dangerous because men had no control over them. Therefore their wives and their children became victims of this decadence; they were abandoned, mistreated and deprived of food and shelters. Men couldn't provide for their family and couldn't do their job. All social classes were concerned with the problem of alcohol.

    At that time, the 18th amendment to the constitution of the United States was proclaimed and the Prohibition bagan in America. Prohibition was also called The Noble Experiment.

    With this new law, alcohol became an object of trafficking and speakeasies appeared. Many people took advantage of this prohibition, like bootleggers. A lot of bootleg liquors appeared like Yak-Yak Bourbon, Rum Runner or Pumpkin Wine. This new baverages were called Wood Alcohol.

    Faced with this huge problem, several organizations were created in favour of The Noble Experiment; WCTU (Woman's Christian Temperance Union), an organization which was formed only of women, was one of the most important.

    Finally, in 1933, the 18th amendment was removed from the declaration with  the 21th amendment to the constitution of United States.

    Alcohol Prohibition in USA during 20s


    LAUTH Coline

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    Très bon travail. Les consignes sont très respectées et les temps du passé aussi. Bon développement. Continuez.                16.5/20

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