• Baby-Sitting

       Last friday, we went watch a new movie : Babby-Sitting.

       Some people, thought that movie is a coppy of Very Bad Tripe in french. but against all odds, that's not the case. indeed, the scenario is totaly different, it's a mixe between Very Bad Tripe and Projet X because most of scenes are film with a simple camera and they do a big party. why french can't make this type of film ? why when a movie like that came out in french rooms every people say " That just a pure coppy ! french can't do new things." remenber LOL, the french movie, americans loved it so they decided to make a remake, why didn't they just traduce the orriginal ? this is a real coppy af a french movie by americans, think about this.


    Tatiana and Coline.


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    Mardi 27 Mai 2014 à 16:38

    I will see it soon . I think that i will appreciate!!!!!

    Mardi 27 Mai 2014 à 16:39

    it was Sarah Makhloufi Gana and Marine Da Silva


    Mardi 27 Mai 2014 à 16:42

    Thanks you i want to see this film cool


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