• Dany boon and Kad Merad : A Comic Duo

    After the succes of the movie "Bienvenu chez les Ch'tis" in 2008, Dany Boon and Kad Merad back in our cinemas in 2014 with a comedy hilarious "Supercondriaque".

    Roman Faubert (Dany Boon) is a man who, almost 40 years , has no wife or child. He is a photographer for online medical dictionary , does not help his sickly hypochondriac.  It as the only true friend and his physician , Dr. Dimitri Zvenska (Kad Merad). The hypochondriac is unmanageable and Dimitri give anything to get rid of permanently. Dr. Zvenska think he must find the perfect wife for Romain to be in peace. He invites her to his home evenings , the registrant on a dating site, forced him to play sports, even the coach on how to seduce and to behave with women. But the thing may be harder than expected.

    I loved this movie, I laughed from beginning to end, actors are exceptional, and you can spend a great time !

    Dany boon and Kad Merad : A Comic Duo

                                                                                                                                  Coline Lauth

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    Dimanche 6 Avril 2014 à 15:48

    yeah I saw this movie too ! I really appreciat it and I love Cad and Dany :D


    Dimanche 6 Avril 2014 à 15:50

    oops I forgot to say who post lasted com'. It's me Tatiana !

    Mardi 6 Mai 2014 à 11:27

    I watch that movie ! It was very funny !

    "I know who you are !" wink2


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