• Day out at ''la Comédie Française''

    Last Thursday we went to the ''Comédie Francaise'' to see a very famous play by Molière: Dom Juan

    Created in 1665, this play deals with the question of religious hypocrisy and believing in god.

    The main character, Dom Juan is a young and rich man, living without any consideration for the others . In this story, he killed a man who is the father of Done Elvire a women who's lovins him. But Dom Juan is just interested on his pleasure and is flying on conquest to conquest  He's followed by his servitor, Sganarelle who's totally on the contrary of his master because he's supersticious and scared by god, but he's also very admirative of his master and want to seem like him. During their adventures, Sganarelle will try to make his master scared of god, and respecting women in vain. At the end of this representation, we saw that Dom Juan didn't die  and so, we can think that for the director, nobody's stronger than Dom Juan, even God.

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