• Day out : book fair in Paris

    Day out : book fair in Paris

    Yesterday, we went to the Salon du livre.

    It was really interesting, we saw books from different culture such as Algeria, Congo, and Martinique.

    Laurane and I bought some books.

    Laurane bought manga and I bought a book for my father.

    The book, I bought for my father is entitled " Xavier, le drame d'un émigré antillais" I chose this book because he asked me me to, and because I know that he likes the man who wrote this book : Tony Delsham.

    While I was buying this book for my father, a man gave us a book named " Ganesh, un indien de Calcutta", Laurane and I were really happy of it.

    Stacy & Laurane

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    Jeudi 27 Mars 2014 à 08:11
    We had a good time !
    Jeudi 27 Mars 2014 à 21:46

    It was amazing, I bought a lot of books ! 


    Jeudi 27 Mars 2014 à 22:50

    Did you all buy at least one book in English??? I hope your father will enjoy his book, and lucky you who got one for free!!yes

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