• Drawing without almost nothing !

    This article is for you if you love painting or drawing and if you don't want to take all your furnitures every time you get out !

    Do you think that pens are only made to take notes ? Did you knew that with a simple criterium, you can make a piece of art ?

    Drawing without almost nothing !

    All you neeed is a pencil, some pens and an eraser and maybe a kleenex.

    The pens are a very good way to draw in colour when you have not your paint and all your different brushes, the principle is very simple : you just have to use your pen the same way than your pencil, and if you don't wan't to make an one-coloured drawing, you just have to take all the different pens that you have in your pencil case and mix the colours together. It could be very fun in the end when you understand how to use them !


    It's hard to believe but this is an pen-drawing

    Drawing without almost nothing !

    The criterium is also an artist's best friend, it's small and it can be carryed wherever you want, at school or outside for example ! If you pronounce the line in different intensities, you can get the results expected, light grey or even darker. You can also make smooth surfaces by rubbing your kleenex on the paper for shading the different tonalities together and so, create an harmonious drawing.

    The explanations on the techniques you can use with this kind of furnitures will arrive soon !


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