• Freaking realistic drawings !

    Yesterday, I was on Youtube and I saw a video of an artist who draws very realistically, his name is Marcello Barenghi and he has a channel on Youtube where you can subscribe in order to follow him.

    He posts videos of himself, drawing daily life stuffs like a bottle of beer or an empty potato chips bag.

    In the end it really looks as if it was a real object on the paper, it's  as if you could touch it ! You can be shocked, because it's really freaking !

    Some artists do these kind of realistic drawing challenges and I think that it can be fun and very useful.

    Here are the videos just below, ,hope you like it !


    Which is the drawing and which is the photo ?    

    Can you find which is the drawing and which is the original photo ?

    The photo is the right one and the drawing is the left one !

    Freaking realistic drawings !


    another drawing by Marcello Barenghi

      An article by Laura and Momo  

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    Dimanche 6 Avril 2014 à 00:39

    I'm realy mpressonate by people wha draw like that it's not easy and to get this level you hate work hard. But I'm not in love with this style because when you realise a draw lke that, you don't express what happen on your mind.


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