• Freedom song : Please, hear me !

    Hello everybody ! Today we sang a freedom song for our final task. It's about the slavery subject and in our song, we explain the metaphor of a little boy who is beaten by his father and he begs his mother to save him. We hope you like it and don't forget to read the song with the instrumental (Click here !)

    Please, hear me !

     Mother, mother

    Please, come back to me

    Since you're gone, Father beats me

    Mother, mother

    Please, please save me !

    He stuck me in a room with all the family

    And he says that I will never leave.

    Mother, mother

    Please, please hear me !

    Take me away from him

    We have nothing to eat 

    Oh ! Mother, mother !

    If you can't do this...

    Please, kill me.

    And I hope in heaven, we'll be all together happy...


    Mother -> Harriet Tubman

    Father -> Slaves owners

    Stuck me in a room -> In the fields

    All the family -> All slaves

    Vincent & Coline


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    Mardi 27 Mai 2014 à 16:53

    Your text is really cute it's actually the one that according to me was one of the best ! Good job ;) 

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