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    Johnny Depp 

    Johnny Depp


    Born in 1963 in USA, John Cristopher Depp II, is nowadays, one of the famous actor/producer of his generation.

    He played in a lot of blockbusters like Sleepy Hollow, Pirates of Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland...

    Usually found in Tim Burton's movies, Johnny Depp is a very charismatic, extravagant and unique actor, and it's why people love this character.

    This actor is one of our favourites because of his talent and his personality.

    A good news for the fans of Johnny and the Pirates of Caribbean's saga: The fifth opus will come out in theaters in 2015!


    Vincent & Coline.

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    Mardi 6 Mai 2014 à 11:29

    Oh ! I love this actor ! My favourite film with him is Gilbert Grape.


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