• Justin Timberlake is back !

    Justin Timberlake is back in France after too many years spent on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

    We know Justin since he is 13 when he was with Britney Spears in the Mickey Mouse Club on TV but the boy has changed. Now he's an accomplished actor and singer.

    This year, JT made a new album called The 20/20 Experience including the hits Mirrors and Suit&Tie.

    For the occasion, he's giving concerts all around the world with The 20/20 World Tour Experience. And because I'm a lucky girl, I had the chance to go in the Stade de France on April, 26 to see him performs on stage. It was awesome. "Justin Time" was perfect with his band The Tennessee Kids.



    Mathilde Bobet

  • Commentaires

    Mardi 6 Mai 2014 à 11:30

    You lucky ! I hope I was there, but unfortunately, I didn't bought any tickets cry


    Mardi 6 Mai 2014 à 11:39

    Oh what a shame Vincent ! But don't worry we'll go together at the next concert ! ;)


    Mardi 6 Mai 2014 à 11:40

    Oh ! Okay ! It'll be wonderful ! ^^


    Mardi 6 Mai 2014 à 16:45

    imagine Vincent: he will never made any other concert in France, you will be sad, like that:cry



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