• Master of english manga style !

     Hi ! I'm proud to introduce you a really competent drawer: Mark Crilley. He is a comic author and illustrator. He's quite famous on youtube for his drawings which can be as realistic as caricatural.

     click here to watch

    So, for the ones who like drawing, he's your best teacher ! He released videos of "how to draw" things each week (one time lapsed and another one narrated).


    He also published a set of japanese comics named Miki Falls and two other books to teach how to draw entitled Mastering Manga. And he's actually on a serie named Brody's ghost.



    (c) Brody's ghost, Mark Crilley


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    Mardi 25 Mars 2014 à 16:55

    I'm very bad at drawing... Thank you very much for the video lessoncool

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