• Music survey

    Today, I made a music survey in the class and I asked 14 persons on their musicals tastes.

    I regrouped their answers in differents categories:

    - Rock/Metal

    - Rap

    - Reggae

    - Electro/Techno

    - Pop

    - Jazz/Soul

    - Variety

    So, the result of my music survey is this one : Pop (14 votes), Rap (8 votes), Rock/Metal (7 votes), Variety (5 votes), Jazz/Soul (4 votes), reggae (3 votes) and finally Electro/Techno (2 votes).

    Personaly, I heard a lot of kind of music like reggae, variety, pop, jazz, soul, blues, classical, metal but my favorite is ROCK cool

    Music survey

    Music survey

    LAUTH Coline

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    Mardi 6 Mai 2014 à 16:50

    It is really interesting to know the music tastes in a class. Maybe you could do something like this but about the tastes in life with the people's name just to to know each other a bit more. It is great Coline ! Thank you !


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