• Prohibition roots

    During the XVIIIth century their was the « grog time »,  during this time men went raised a jug in their farm families and stopped all activities. They used to drink very much wiskey, 88 bottles of wiskey every year. It took a while for the nation to admit they had a problem with alcohol. As a Consequence of this eccess was pathetic???, cild(??) was abandonned, depriave of food or shelter, and women was rap by their husband. Alcohol was and is again a source of problems. To fight against the danger of alcohol, women  created a famous organization called the  WTCU and Anti Saloon League. Religion also played an important role during the prohibition, alcohol was banned on worship days. 

    However, Prohibition did not appear in the  20s, that’s a concept which  dates back to the XVIII th century.


    Prohibition roots


    -Tatiana Blanchard-



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    Lundi 27 Janvier 2014 à 19:07

    Votre travail manque de profondeur en ce sens où vous n'expliquez pas un les origines (the roots) of prohibition. Il faut développer cette partie qui doit arriver avant le paragraphe que vous avez écrit.

    Réutilisez les documents et inspirez vous en pour en faire votre propre article.  08/20

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