• Paper town

     I chose to talk about the book Paper town by John Green. It was written in 2008 but I read this book three months ago. I would like to present this adventure because it's a mysterious and fantastic book, it's one of my favorite. I like the author too, because he wrote other gorgeous books for instance The Fault in our stars and Looking for Alaska.

    Synopsis :

    It's the story of two teenagers, Margo Roth Spiegelman and Quentin Jacobsen. They have know each other since they were child and Quentin have a fascination for Margo because he thinks that she is beautiful, intelligent and not ordinary. One night she climbs at his windows because she needs his help to acomplish a list of 10 things in the night. After this night together, Margo disappear and give no news to this family or friends. Quentin decide to search the girl. The question is : Where is the Margo ?

    Paper town


    I hope that after this article you would like to read  this book.

    See you next time.



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  • Black butler

    黒執事 = Kuroshitsuji


      It's a japan comic written by TOBOSO Yana which relates the story of a young twelve-years-old boy who belongs to a aristocratic family. His name is Ciel Phantomhive. He lived alone with his butler named Sebastian Michaelis. But in reality, after the death of all his family, the young boy passed an agreement with his butler who is a devil from Hell. Ciel has the objective to inherit the toy's factory of his family.

    Living in his mysterious mansion, Sebastian and him encountered many people and some were recruited by his butler to help for his master's protection.


       Ciel Phantomhive: He is the heir of the Phantomhive family and of his father's toy's factory. He's a serious and perspicacious for his age because he solved many riddles to help the Queen Victoria. He is an aristocrat and have to manage his business by his own helped by his loyal butler and his other servants.


    Sebastian Michaelis: Sebastian is the name given by Ciel for being his butler. But besides, he is a mischievous devil who want the soul of his lord. He is connected by a pact with his master with the obligation to protect him. Moreover, he helped Ciel in his mansion (as a butler usually do) and he has extraordinary skills to keep the house sound, safe and perfectly clean. Sebastian also try to recruted some servants to serve his lord but he choose the ones who can wield weapons to protect the mansion.

     Others servants of the mansion:


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  • Stephen king, the master of suspence who wrote the famous books ''The long walk''''Misery'' and ''Jessie'' is back with a new story called ''Doctor sleep''.

    This story is the continuation of the story ''Shining'' which was published in 1979 in France.The story is getting back on the ''child light'' who's  now an adult and who's plunged into a war between good and evil... the only thing you can think when you read this book King is backis ''what will happen ?''. If you like stressful books you will not borry with this one and I recommend it to you



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