• Slave song

     Willem and  I  have  decieded  to write  a slave song about what a slave could need That's why we named it "I need"

                                                              I  Need 


    I need to go to the promised land

    And only God can take my hand 

    I need to take the freedom train

    And forget all my pain

    Sometimes when everything is gone

    And  I feel alone

    I need God cause I show my time isn't long

    Take the station master

    Try to go higher

    Follow Moses 

    Like the Canaan people

    Too strong and too long 



     The wind came from the south today

    And I want to go home

    It's gonna be a brighter day

    I feel it in my blood and my bone

    Take me out of Eggypt, it's just what I need 

    Deliver me of the pharaoh, I swear that I need it 


    I got a question for you, and I really need need an answer

    When Moses will he come ?(oh)

    To get me to my home(oh)

    The dead trees will show the  way

    And now I cry 

    It's Jesus that i supply

    The shockholder is the man

    That will help me 

    To take the Gospel train


                                                                                                              ~Willem & Laurane 

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