• SLave songs

    We had to write a slave song mine's about leaving plantation and the way slaves were mistreated by their masters 


    Put your shovels to the side

    Imma make you feel alright 

    cause we're going to Egypt, yeah 

    Nigger join me to the station 

    It's time for you so action ! 

    If you want to be free

    It's time to follow me !


    Uh ! My life is so hard

    And the old pharaohs still playing cards

    I can't even walk

    And I swear man I can't even talk

    They force me to beat my brothers

    But I promise I will never surrender

    Come with me escape the Pharaoh  

    we'll dive under load of potatoes 

    I just want to save you from here

    If you stay you will regret it 

    Brother, it's time to follow me 

    Or old pharao will mistreat us 

    You better follow me 

    Follow me brother 

    Come with me and the shapards

    I don't really care where we going 

    But I know that if we don't 

    My bad if my Paraoh catch us 

    so come hurry up brother 

    Warn all of the people when we're going 




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