In the past, there were a lot of slaughters against different populations just like slavery. This is our subject today!

    Yesterday, we saw a movie about a man who was a slave during twelve years. He was separated of his family and during this horrible experience, he met many characters who advanced him in the plot of the story. In this movie we felt lots of emotions and sensations like sadness, madness, wrath, sorrow and pityful. We have understood the painful lives of their poor slaves. We remember such a defining moment on the film. The main character Solomon Northup was forced to hit one of his fellow slave. He had a close up of serious injuries had by Patsey. The slaves are abused and are punished unfairly. Patsey is a close friend of Solomon was raped by her maste. We enjoyed the movie because it was very realistic. So realistic we felt hatred for white people who play in the film.


    Marine & Sarah

    12 years a slave

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    Mardi 6 Mai 2014 à 21:04

    Hi girls! Before I correct your article, i think you need to write the tilte of the movie. When you have watched the movie review with your LVO teacher, improve your arcticle with information on the actors and their oscars...yes


    Mardi 27 Mai 2014 à 16:46

    I agree with you teacher we will improve our article !! yes

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