• The Classico

    Last Sunday the Real Madrid and the FC Barcelona were playing for the greatest game of the year : The Classico. 400 millions people were watching the game that could change everything in the spanish league of football (La Liga).If Madrid were winning the game they could take a 7points advance on Barcelona but if the Catalans were winning the game they could have only 1late point on Madrid.If Andres Iniesta scored the first goal for Barcelona with an amazing pass of Leo Messi , the Real Madrid had quicly took the advantage of the game with 2goals of the french stricker Karim Benzema.After the half-time Leo Messi allowed to Barcelona to come back in the game. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a penalty for Real Madrid but Sergio Ramos the defender of the Real Madrid made a flagrant fault on Neymar and get exclud of the Game, the game will never be the same anymore. After that Leo Messi scored 2 goals by penalty and became the greatest scorer of all time in a "Classico" game.Lionel Messi Fc Barcelone 2013 Liga, real madrid, clasico, triplé, twitter, buts, réactions

    by Willem Dendelé

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