• The elections of London

    This year, a new election of mayor took place in London.
    In fact the ex mayor of London, Boris Johnson gave his place
    at the new mayor, Sadiq Khan

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    Boris Johnson is the ex mayor of London.

    Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born on June 19, 1964 in New York.
    He was raised in a bourgeois family and he has a typical school program
    of the British upper middle class.

    He is an English Politician, a Member of Parliament, historian and a journalist.
    He was a mayor of London from May 4th 2008 to May 8th 2016 and
    he belong at the Conservative Party.

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    Sadiq Aman Khan was born on October 8th, 1970 in London to a working-class British Pakistani family. He's the son of bus driver, Amanullah Khan.
    Sadiq Khan studied at the university of North London. He started his career
    as a human rights solicitor. He wanted to be a dentist but he was inspired to
    become a lawyer by the TV show LA law.

    Sadiq Khan was elected mayor of London in the 2016 mayoral election,
    succeeding Conservative Party mayor Boris Johnson. He was the
    Member of Parliament. A member of the Labour Party,
    he is situated on the party's 
    soft left and has been ideologically
    characterised as a social democrat.

    His election as the mayor of London made him the first Muslim mayor
    actively affiliated to become the mayor of a capital of a major western country.

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