• The Prohibition

    In 1697  the first attempt to restrict alcohol in the  USA failed. But it changed in January,29th 1919 : the 18th Amendment was ratified, many people supported this act, thinking that it was only banning hard liquors but no.  The amendment took effect one year later.  The prohibition was applied because of the abuse of alcohol by Americans. The average americans over 50 years of age used to drink the equivalent of 800 bottles of whisky every year, mainly intoxicating beverages. Besides  Americans were known as a Nation of drunkards who, for example,  were used to having barrel of cider by the door of their houses but not the same cider as today : as a matter of fact,  it was stronger and everyone used to  drink it .Plus, the conumption  of alcohol caused violent behavior in men, they abused  their wives and mistreated women and children.

    So All these consequences explain the prohibition of alcohol in America in the twenties.

    The Prohibition    

    The Prohibition


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    Lundi 27 Janvier 2014 à 18:49

    De bonnes choses; cela dit votre développement manque un peu de détails; j'aurais aimé que vous explicitiez un peu plus "les origines" de la consommation de l'alcool dans la société US (cf: civil war, celebrations, various opportunities...). C'est dommage.

    Pensez aussi à bien marquer les liens (cf: ws Linkwords) et à commenter les photos. Bien pour l'usage de "used to" et du prétérit.


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