• The roots of prohibition

    The 1920s was a period of excess particulary when it comes to alcohol. During this period poeple were used to drinking for a lot of opportunities : not only did  they when they made a new acquaintance but also when they closed a bargain for instance . Alcohol was something really during??? because men used to drink from early in the morning until late at night. Drinking was a symbol of masculinity, to show you were a men you drank. During this period, women were victim of domestic violence from their husband. Unfortunalety there was  no divorce and no police either, because "domestic violence" did not exist" . Alcohol is part of the story of the united state because, people would drink whenever they wanted. Everybody used to drink, it was like a ritual such as the grog time. The roots of prohibition (explain)



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    Lundi 27 Janvier 2014 à 19:15

    De très bonnes choses. Bien pour l'anglais. Dommage que vous terminiez sur ce qui aurait dû faire partie de votre introduction: the roots; je pense que vous auriez gagné à montrer dans votre article à quel point l'alcool étant ancré depuis des décennies, en donnant des exemples très précis. 14/20

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