• The surrealistic exhibition at the "Centre Pompidou"

    Article by Laura and Morgane

    Last Friday, we went to the "Centre Pompidou" in Paris. We visited this museum for the surrealistic exhibition in which we saw some sculptures and some paintings an other artworks.

    We learned a lot of information about artists of the 20th Century like Marcel Duchamp which was a famous surrealistic sculptor, he turned daily life  stuffs and objects of  into real pieces of arts like this cooking utensil or letters which has been send but they were never opened by the recipient.

    We also visited the contemporary gallery, in which we saw modern paintings and models. All this visit was extremely interesting, especially for people who like art, paintings.

    The "presentoir à bouteilles" by Marcel Duchamp


    The surrealistic exhibition at the "Centre Pompidou"







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