• Valentine's Day.

    Valentine's Day is coming up soon ! 

    This is a Saint Day on 14th February. This was originally a Chrstian Day but it became a democratized day and it has become very important in a lot of counries such as in the USA. Indeed, this day is known as the lovers day. We owe it to Saint Valentine who formerly married the lovers in secret. The tradition is different today but the aim is still to show your love to the person you love by giving her a gift or by declaring your love and your feelings for exemple. It's a special day and even the shops and the streets are decorated with red and pink hearts as a result of the Saint Day. 

    So, if you love someone, don't be such an idiot and don't take your time to tell this special person how much she cares, this day was made for it. 


    PS : The 14th February is also my birthday.




    Mathilde Bobet

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