• In a few months, there will be the presidential election in US. Today we have three candidates to take over Barack Obama, Donald Trump who represents the Republicans and two Democrats, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump arrive to dismiss 15 candidates since the beginning of the election, the last who gave up is Ted Cruz about one week ago. But in the end on July, there will have the national convention, where democrats will elected their representative for the party. Even if there is only Donald Trump in the Republican he has to obtain a number of vote to can participate to the final election.

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  • On Monday, December 1st COP21 started in Paris, it's an international conference about the climates. The President of America, Barack Obama was in Paris and did a speech to open this conference front 150 heads of state.

    The USA is one of the worst polluters countries in the world and the president is dertermined to change this. He said that we are the first generation which can feel this changes of climates and we had to act because in a few years it will be too late. He also said that he knows that his country has a role in this climate changes but he would like to make efforts otherwise the consequences will be terrible. He finished his speech with " Let's go to work", a sentences with hope and determination to change the future of the environment.

    Barack Obama : COP21








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  • Today, we chose to come back on the tragic event which took place in Paris two weeks ago. On Friday 13th some terrorists attacked differents place of the french capital, like Stade de France, Bataclan and some coffees near Place de la Republique. They arrived in all this places with some guns and grenades to kill many people no matter their origins or their religious practices.  Firstly they attacked Stade de France during the football match between France - Germany. All people who were on the football match had to wait in the stadium because it were dangerous outside. Secondly in the Bataclan, it happenned a concert of metal and it was here that there were the largest number of victims. And finally they took the life of many people who were in coffees, they just drunk something or celebrated a birthday when they started to open fire on them. It's a real tragedy which came in France and also in the world. Lot of countries support France for instance, Barack Obama did a speech on this terrorist attacks, and in Australia, Brasil, USA, England ... french flag appeared on famous monuments. Thanks to read our article and don't forget #PrayforParis.

    Terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13th

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