• Hello everyone, I really wanted to post this article before, but it wasn't finished ...

    In this article I want to show you the drawing and painting techniques I use the most, if you're interested in drawing of course !

    First, I want to introduce you : the sketching ! It's a very simple way to draw things.

    You just have to put some shadows and to know where you want the light on on your drawing.drawing techniques I use :

    This picture shows very well  how you have to proceed.


    Next technique is the dry brush, you just need a little piece of paint, and a kleenex.drawing techniques I use :

    You just have to put a little bit of paint on your brush and to rub on the kleenex, then apply the brush on the paper. This technique can be very useful for things like portraits.


    The "puzzle" technique is very simple to realize, you just have to define the shadow areas and to fill them with the colour you want, at the end, the  drawing can be amazing !drawing techniques I use :

    Finally, I want to show you a wonderful technique that can be hard, the basis is to make some stries in the same way with a pen and then to make some stries on the opposite way to create a shading effect. this technique is the less simple of the topic !drawing techniques I use :



    click here for more information on the crossing technique


    By Laura and Momo







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  •  Hi ! I'm proud to introduce you a really competent drawer: Mark Crilley. He is a comic author and illustrator. He's quite famous on youtube for his drawings which can be as realistic as caricatural.

     click here to watch

    So, for the ones who like drawing, he's your best teacher ! He released videos of "how to draw" things each week (one time lapsed and another one narrated).


    He also published a set of japanese comics named Miki Falls and two other books to teach how to draw entitled Mastering Manga. And he's actually on a serie named Brody's ghost.



    (c) Brody's ghost, Mark Crilley


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  • Once again, we lost on Youtube, and we found an amazing video of a very talentuous guy who is drawing in the "comics" style.

    This artist is known for his huge drawings, we thought it could be interessant to include him on our blog.



    an article by Laura and Momo !

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  • Yesterday, I was on Youtube and I saw a video of an artist who draws very realistically, his name is Marcello Barenghi and he has a channel on Youtube where you can subscribe in order to follow him.

    He posts videos of himself, drawing daily life stuffs like a bottle of beer or an empty potato chips bag.

    In the end it really looks as if it was a real object on the paper, it's  as if you could touch it ! You can be shocked, because it's really freaking !

    Some artists do these kind of realistic drawing challenges and I think that it can be fun and very useful.

    Here are the videos just below, ,hope you like it !


    Which is the drawing and which is the photo ?    

    Can you find which is the drawing and which is the original photo ?

    The photo is the right one and the drawing is the left one !

    Freaking realistic drawings !


    another drawing by Marcello Barenghi

      An article by Laura and Momo  

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